The difference beteween based on and bitten on.

The difference beteween based on and bitten on.

Who does not love Harmony Korin? If GUMMO or KIDS did not change your life, than you must already be dead!

We have all been hearing lots about his new flick THE SPRING BREAKERS staring James Franco and everyone has read that Mr. Franco is basing his character on Jody Christian a.k.a Riff Raff, that Texes based rapper who everyone just adores.

Full of anticipation I just settled down to watch the first teaser of the BREAKERS, when suddenly that little voice in my head started screaming- BITER, BITER, BITER!

Dear Harmony, Dear James,

There is a difference between basing a character on a real live person (or famous rapper) and biting a real live person! Mr. Franco does not just look like and act like Riff Raff but in the scene in the teaser he is an exact copy of Riff Raff. Harmony did you base the script on Riff Raff or just bite his posts on youtube?

Dear friends and enemies,

You be the judge:

Clip Riff Raff: